Short write up about work


Born and spent major of my childhood and adolescence years open to an environment surrounded by nature in a small town of Somwarpet in North Coorgdistrict – Here, I have seen and absorbed nature in all its creative forms –  my formative life, growing and understanding the world and I felt very close to nature to draw inspiration and solace. Initially, my work (drawing/painting) were very personal and symbolic, glimpses of nature outside of my house, interiors (indoor), close ups of embracing nature with environment carrying memories, mile stones, pathways, road, entrances bridges etc., were like Metaphors of journey connecting two contrast lives “Allegories”.  Probably because of the circumstances I came across.

My recent work is part of an ongoing exploration of River Kaveri, its Tributaries, River banks, Forest and it’s textures, order, structure and matter of the natural world. I travelled along the River Kaveri from its origin Talakaveri in Kodagu to Pompuhar in Tamilnadu state where the river merges with the ocean Bay of Bengal. Its more like a personal journey. Now on and off with the Rivers company I am taking the work forward.

Living in Bangalore, I often visit the vast, primordial jungles of Kodagu which is an inspiration. It is here on the forest floor that my sensitivity blossoms, it merges with each leaf, grasses, flower, wood , clay, sand, every single pod of seed that seems to bare its inner self to me. I attempt to experience the landscape, observe and feel it physically. I try to relate to the qualities and energies of that place and evoke the same in my drawings, paintings and videos.My walks or hikes are often the genesis for a site specific work, painting, drawing and short videos. During my walks, I observe, sketch, photograph the organic forms that are an inspiration for my works. These observed remnants serve as connections between personal experience and finished work. I respect nature – Even withered and faded leaves can have a new life in a work of art – at least for a moment. Some of my works are not meant to last forever. The Seasons and weather determine the materials and the concept. With no preoccupied ideas about what I will create; I relay on what nature gives to me. The images documented there have become an integral part of my work.  I propose new ways to co-exist with our environment. I am conscious about an ecological sustainable living.

My works are also about my ‘self’; a kind of personal journey into the sub-conscious; an expression of the deep urge to unravel my own being; Nature gives us life and energy, opportunities to meditative silent prayer or unbelievable experiences of beauty.